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An Attitude of Service

As I reflect on our cohort’s adventure in Richmond in January, the theme of service comes to mind. We were able to meet with so many fellow Virginians who keep this state’s government running day-to-day, and year-to-year. Many of these people are elected or appointed to their positions for short (or extended) periods of time,… Continue reading An Attitude of Service

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Let me tell you a story…

Ah, Richmond. The capitol of Virginia; home of the oldest elected legislative body in the New World. Mother of Presidents (the state, that is). Steeped in history and tradition. It reminds me every time I go why I appreciate where I live…for a multitude of reasons. But I’m not a fan of politics; never have… Continue reading Let me tell you a story…


Session III: Richmond, VFBF Media Training

On January 9th, VALOR fellows traveled to the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation (VFBF) headquarters in Richmond to participate in media training with Norm Hyde and Kathy Dixon. Kathy gave us an informative presentation about "Putting the 'Me' in Media" and how to best formulate and deliver the message we wish to convey in any media… Continue reading Session III: Richmond, VFBF Media Training

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A Great Story

I’m always captivated by a good story. I think that most of us are; when you hear humor, or details, or just plain emotion, you connect with the storyteller at a deeper level. Let’s take this to a deeper level. I meet you. You meet me. I tell you that I’m from Virginia, have 2… Continue reading A Great Story

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Reflections from the tractor windshield

I am sitting here in my tractor, planting soybeans. Well...not really. All I am doing is monitoring the monitors that monitor the process. The planter is doing the critical task of precisely placing each seed in the ground and covering it with soil.  The tractor is driving itself-and doing a better job of it than… Continue reading Reflections from the tractor windshield

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The amazing Universal #2 meat grinder

For their prior gathering, the VALOR fellows found themselves in Richmond while the General Assembly was in session.  Oft described as sharing many traits with sausage making, the legislative process was in full swing and on display for the fellows to enjoy. But, the legislative process is only half of the story. (OK...yes, you're right... … Continue reading The amazing Universal #2 meat grinder

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Ready for Richmond: Day Three at the Capitol

Agenda for Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Virginia House Agriculture Committee Meeting                                                           Meeting with Delegate Robert “Bobby” Orrock VALOR Introduction from House Floor and Start of Session … Continue reading Ready for Richmond: Day Three at the Capitol


Returning from Richmond

The VALOR class just completed Seminar IV in Richmond, Virginia on February 14, 2013. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting training on Policy, Legislation, and Leadership.  Special thanks to Governor Bob McDonnell for your time and support of the agricultural industry.  And a sincere thank you to all the business professionals, delegates, senators,… Continue reading Returning from Richmond