Dalat – a Cool Breeze after Humid Hoi An

        From the plane all you can see is coffee trees, hectares under plastic and a few buildings. On the ground, cool breezes (compared to Hoi An's more tropical climate), beautiful flowers and farming everywhere!       After we settled in to the hotel  we headed to a vegetable farm in a one acre green house. The farmer grows… Continue reading Dalat – a Cool Breeze after Humid Hoi An

Education and Awareness, Knowledge of a Changing Industry

View from the “Farmers Daughter”

Our recent experience in the Shenandoah Valley was certainly an eye opener for me. I grew up a "farmer's daughter" in Loudoun County. I drove tractors, rode in the combine with my Dad, made hay, brought in straw, bush hogged fields and helped to fix fence, but I never had the opportunity to go inside… Continue reading View from the “Farmers Daughter”


Exploring the Diversity of Virginia Agriculture

One of the exciting things about Virginia Agriculture is the diversity that abounds across the state. Our recent trip to Southeast Virginia and the Eastern Shore was just another testiment to this statement. I hail from from Northern Virginia where we still have some traditional crops of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay; and where our… Continue reading Exploring the Diversity of Virginia Agriculture