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10 for 1

It started innocuously enough....This scrolled past on my Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/weird_sci/status/520590127945773057 Of course, the picture is what caught my eye.  Here is a CaseIH combine with a New Holland head!  Perhaps 1999's happy merger is bearing fruit... But then the words....10 calories burnt to produce 1...  I was intrigued, and completely Nerd Sniped. If physicists… Continue reading 10 for 1


Irony (or, Social Media is dead)

But first, a song: (which I find slightly annoying, but it does deal with the subject at hand) There is something that I have thought for some time that I have not been able to put into effective words.  So, before the Fellows of  VALOR Class II take over the posting duties to this blog,… Continue reading Irony (or, Social Media is dead)


The view from under the bus

Certainly, I am familiar with the subtle differences in the undercarriages of various bus manufacturers, as I am often flung under the nearest available motor-coach.  It's not much fun, but that is okay, because if someone on the team needs to be the fling-ee, so that ultimate success can be realized, I (typically) don't mind… Continue reading The view from under the bus

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The past, present and future walk into a bar…

...it was tense. VALOR as I have come to know it is over. True.  There is one more seminar and graduation coming up in July yet, so the VALOR Fellowship for the members of the Inaugural Class is not really over per se.  But, VALOR as twelve passengers in a van commenting on "attempted murder"… Continue reading The past, present and future walk into a bar…

Education and Awareness

National FFA week reloaded.

I admit I am cheating here... I have 3 blog posts floating around in my head right now, but time to pen none of them.  As National FFA week is upon us again, for your convenience I have copied my blog post from this time last year.  The sentiment still holds true, so perhaps this… Continue reading National FFA week reloaded.

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Say cheese.

Up until now, this blog has been a nice chronological review of the journey of the VALOR fellowship.   Chronology is overrated... Back in September the VALOR fellows spent a day touring the diverse agricultural production of western Michigan, thanks in large part to work and hospitality of Luke Meerman and others. As the day came… Continue reading Say cheese.

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It's 3am. You've been on the road since 11:30pm after grabbing 90 minutes of sleep at the end of a work day that started at 1:57am the day before.  There are 368 more miles to go to your destination, which you must reach by 8am. It's just you and the satellite radio out on the… Continue reading Drive

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“Thank you soooooo much.”

The sixth meeting of the VALOR fellows has just concluded, marking the halfway point of our inaugural fellowship.  The group of fellows numbers ten in total, but as we travel (both literally and figuratively) we number 12.  Megan Seibel, the program director, and Kelsey Brunton, who - prior to her "retirement" - was the graduate… Continue reading “Thank you soooooo much.”

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Reflections from the tractor windshield

I am sitting here in my tractor, planting soybeans. Well...not really. All I am doing is monitoring the monitors that monitor the process. The planter is doing the critical task of precisely placing each seed in the ground and covering it with soil.  The tractor is driving itself-and doing a better job of it than… Continue reading Reflections from the tractor windshield