New Leadership Examples from Washington State

On Wednesday, May 16th, VALOR Class III departed for our national trip to Washington State. The experience surpassed expectations. As with South Africa, I chronicled just about every stop on Instagram though I still have a few visits outstanding.[1] The highlights and leadership examples were many. Here’s a few of the memorable ones for me… Continue reading New Leadership Examples from Washington State

Class III, Seminars

Sernick Group – South Africa

VALOR Class III fellows had the pleasure of learning about the South African beef cattle industry during our international seminar. We started our day with an early morning drive to the town of Heilbron where we met with Solomon Maseou, an emerging farmer. Solomon farms on 600 hectares of land that was purchased by the… Continue reading Sernick Group – South Africa

Class III, Global Agriculture, Seminars

Farming in S. Africa, A Different Reality

Farming. What do you think of? Amber waves of grain? OshKosh B’gosh overall-clad children rolling in hay? The pitchfork-in-hand puritanically dressed couple of Grant Wood’s American Gothic? A pastoral way of life? On a recent trip to South Africa, I learned farming had a different look. There, farming looked like 10-foot chain-link fences topped with… Continue reading Farming in S. Africa, A Different Reality


The Urge of Leadership

It happened while on the international trip in South Africa.  Should I do it or not? Actually, it was not something to be done.  It was communication to be expressed--a critical conversation.  There are many reasons why people choose to delay or not express thoughts, information, or other insights. Some of the reasons include avoiding embarrassment of yourself or others, not… Continue reading The Urge of Leadership