Communication, Political Advocacy

A Great Story

I’m always captivated by a good story. I think that most of us are; when you hear humor, or details, or just plain emotion, you connect with the storyteller at a deeper level. Let’s take this to a deeper level. I meet you. You meet me. I tell you that I’m from Virginia, have 2… Continue reading A Great Story

Education and Awareness

National FFA week reloaded.

I admit I am cheating here... I have 3 blog posts floating around in my head right now, but time to pen none of them.  As National FFA week is upon us again, for your convenience I have copied my blog post from this time last year.  The sentiment still holds true, so perhaps this… Continue reading National FFA week reloaded.

Education and Awareness

What is your vision statement?

Part of the VALOR program focus is leading the Fellows on a journey of discovery.  Not only discovery of what agriculture is throughout the various areas in Virginia, but also a journey of personal discovery.  What is it that drives you?  Why do you do what you do how you do it?  What does the… Continue reading What is your vision statement?



VALOR is a premier leadership program for adults in agriculture.  This is an outlet for shared experiences and perspectives of the VALOR class as they navigate social, political, and economic complexities within agriculture.  Please engage with us as we travel across the state, the nation, and internationally.  We invite you to follow us and learn about… Continue reading Welcome!