Variations on a theme

In addition to showcasing production systems, landscapes and leadership groups from another part of the country, the VALOR US Regional seminar in September reinforced the fact that the agricultural industry in this country is impacted by a number of common forces, regardless of the particular segment or geographic area considered. For example, in both Indianapolis… Continue reading Variations on a theme

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Berry production on the shores of Lake Michigan

The DeGrandchamp family has been producing berries near the shores of Lake Michigan since 1955.  Mike DeGrandchamp treated the VALOR fellows (and a couple from Texas who happened to stop by the farm at just the right time) to a tour of their operation during our recent trip to Michigan.  DeGrandchamp Farms blueberry fields and… Continue reading Berry production on the shores of Lake Michigan

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Investing with a long-term view.

Tomorrow we leave on our US study trip, which officially means we’re past the halfway point with VALOR.  I’ve thought a lot about how fast this program is passing.  Seminar VI, like all of the seminars thus far, was fantastic.  For me, one of the most meaningful experiences was the weekend on the bay with… Continue reading Investing with a long-term view.