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Argentina Reflections

It has been two months now since VALOR had the opportunity to engage farmers and leaders during an agricultural trip to Argentina.  The production cycle is in reverse as compared to the United States cropping systems.  The crops that we viewed should be harvested as we in the United States plant new ones.  While there,… Continue reading Argentina Reflections

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Young Calves Populate “El Ranchero”

Day 5 of the international trip was reserved for the VALOR fellows to visit Don Roberto Ranch  This particular ranch is located just west of Villa Mercedes in the Province of San Luis. Don Roberto is one of five ranches in San Luis owned by the Guerrero family.  In all, they manage about 46,500 acres… Continue reading Young Calves Populate “El Ranchero”

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Introducing Ambassador Crowder

Dr. Richard Crowder was able to speak to the VALOR fellows during our November seminar, "Addressing Agriculture Issues".  Our group started this seminar on the Land Grant campus of Virginia Tech, where Dr. Crowder is currently serving as an adjunct professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.  On January 14, 2013, the American… Continue reading Introducing Ambassador Crowder

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Glass Barn Offers A Clear Image

In late September during our National Seminar, Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) was hosted by the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Corn Marketing Council to a dinner at the Glass Barn-- the newest addition to the Indiana State Fairgrounds.   This Barn offers a farming experience and educational opportunity to visitors.  The glass and timber framed… Continue reading Glass Barn Offers A Clear Image

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A Trip To The Mailbox

This morning I walked down to the mailbox with my most recent National Agricultural Statistics survey report.  As I walked, I carried with it a certain frustration with this seasonal task.  If you are not prompt in completing this report, daily phone calls or personal visits will follow from the USDA.  It seems that the… Continue reading A Trip To The Mailbox

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Truth In Lobbying

What is your view of lobbying? Or better yet, what is your opinion of a lobbyist? During our Legislative Advocacy and Policy Development Seminar in Richmond, the VALOR fellows had the opportunity to answer that question.  Martha Moore, Vice President of Governmental Relations for Virginia Farm Bureau and Donna Pugh Johnson, Past-president of Virginia Agribusiness Council were… Continue reading Truth In Lobbying

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An American Agribusiness Story

The last event during Seminar III brought the VALOR Fellows to a family committed into growing a diversified agribusiness within the Shenandoah Valley region.  It was Sunday, January 6, 2013 when our team was hosted by Kern Houff, his brother Neil and Tim Grove at Houff's headquarters in Weyers Cave, Virginia.  Kern Houff and Neil… Continue reading An American Agribusiness Story

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Deep-Water Grain Terminal Allows Access to Global Markets

On Friday, November 16, the Valor team had an invitation from Gerry Underwood, to visit Perdue’s deep-water grain terminal located in Norfolk, Virginia. Mr. Underwood was raised in the Midwest before attending the University of Illinois. His academic achievements include a B.S. Degree in Agriculture and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Gerry is currently… Continue reading Deep-Water Grain Terminal Allows Access to Global Markets

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Farmer In Plain View

Farmer in Plain View Good evening Agricultural enthusiasts, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to others that share my passion for the safe reliable production of food and fiber.   My name is Hunter Richardson and I am a farmer in Plainview, Virginia.  I am a passionate advocate of farming on the… Continue reading Farmer In Plain View