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An Attitude of Service

As I reflect on our cohort’s adventure in Richmond in January, the theme of service comes to mind. We were able to meet with so many fellow Virginians who keep this state’s government running day-to-day, and year-to-year. Many of these people are elected or appointed to their positions for short (or extended) periods of time,… Continue reading An Attitude of Service


Find your market and serve it with passion

As VALOR Class VI embarked on our first trip to explore agriculture in the Commonwealth, I was excited to get to know our cohort members better and learn about the sandy, flat regions of Virginia called Tidewater and the Eastern Shore. With family in Central Virginia and the Valley, and living in Southwest, I don’t… Continue reading Find your market and serve it with passion


Us Millennials Need to Know the “Why”

The first livestock that my family raised when I was growing up was three pigmy goats: Smokey, Charcoal and Frostbite. Purchased from a friend that my sisters and I happened to be in 4-H with, these three goats road home with us to our barn built in the 1800s in the back of a Pontiac… Continue reading Us Millennials Need to Know the “Why”


“I Believe In The Future Of Agriculture…”

FFA members know those words as the introduction to the FFA Creed penned by EM Tiffany nearly 100 years ago. Years separate today’s agriculture practices from Mr. Tiffany’s world. Years separate you from when you first learned those words. What cannot separate you from those words is the essence of what they mean, what values… Continue reading “I Believe In The Future Of Agriculture…”


Lessons Learned in the Bayou

In November, VALOR Class V traveled to Louisiana: Cajun Country, Birthplace of Jazz, the Bayou, Who Dat Nation! I had traveled to Louisiana before, primarily visiting New Orleans for various Farm Bureau trips but had never ventured outside of the French Quarter, and certainly never into the Bayou. I was excited to be traveling, looking… Continue reading Lessons Learned in the Bayou

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Strong Partnerships

Agriculture has had a bad rap over the years for environmental concerns-too much fertilizer, too many herbicides, too much tillage, no cover crops. Wherever your were, or are now, with your thinking, I encourage you to take a trip to the Northern Neck of Virginia for a reality check. You’ll see how the land stewards… Continue reading Strong Partnerships


A Passion by Mistake or Grand Design?

I loved my time at the Virginia Tech Southern Piedmont AREC in Blackstone, Virginia and am most grateful for the amazing farm crew. These were some of the crazy steers and heifers I worked with for my research. If someone told me back in college that I’d be living in a small apartment in the… Continue reading A Passion by Mistake or Grand Design?

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Crucial Conversations

As I reflect on our time spent in Southside Virginia during our last VALOR seminar, I am reminded of our training on crucial conversations. A crucial conversation can be one that is difficult, challenging, and/or important. These types of conversations occur in every part of our daily lives. In many cases, it is a conversation… Continue reading Crucial Conversations

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Around the water cooler…

You herd right, Class III of VALOR has begun and I am honored to be one of 13 participants. VALOR is a two-year program for those in agriculture who want to develop their communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in addition to broadening their knowledge of agriculture in the pursuit of becoming an advocate… Continue reading Around the water cooler…