Meet the Alumni

Please find the members of VALOR’s Class II below.  Read their introductory blog post to learn more about their background, adventures, and relationship with agriculture and check out the links to their bio!

Marilyn M. Adams

Adams Stone

Read Marilyn’s bio.

Lauren H. Arbogast

Arbogast Chair

Learn a little more about Lauren.

Shelley S. Butler Barlow

Barlow Stone

Here’s Shelley’s bio.

Kevin Beamer

Beamer Chair

Check out Kevin’s bio.

Tim Durham

Durham Stone

Learn about Tim.

M. James Faison

Faison Chair

Read more about James.

Basil I. Gooden

Gooden Stone

Check out Basil’s bio.

Jennifer Leech

Leech Chair

Here’s Jennifer’s bio.

Albert O. Reid

Reid Stone

Learn more about Albert.

Adam Shiflett

Shiflett Chair

Also check out Adam’s bio!

Josh Stephens

Stephens Stone

More on Josh.

Joe Wilkerson

Wilkerson Chair

Here’s Joe’s bio.

Cliff Williamson

Williamson Stone

Check out more about Cliff.





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