Leadership in the Emotional Realm

One of the many, many benefits of growing as a leader through Virginia’s premier adult leadership agriculture program, VALOR, is the ability to complete and analyze personal assessments such as the Myers-Briggs, and most recently, the EQ-i 2.0.  The EQ-i assessment, as defined by MHS Assessments, “measures emotional intelligence (EI)…“a set of emotional and social… Continue reading Leadership in the Emotional Realm


The view from under the bus

Certainly, I am familiar with the subtle differences in the undercarriages of various bus manufacturers, as I am often flung under the nearest available motor-coach.  It's not much fun, but that is okay, because if someone on the team needs to be the fling-ee, so that ultimate success can be realized, I (typically) don't mind… Continue reading The view from under the bus

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Reblog: VALOR program starts new year with a focus on human development

The Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Center offered a two part series of human development courses for the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results program’s inaugural class. “The VALOR Program is designed to develop leaders who can effectively engage all segments of the Virginia agricultural community to create collaborative solutions and promote agriculture inside and outside the industry. Participants,… Continue reading Reblog: VALOR program starts new year with a focus on human development

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Do you EQ?

VALOR is not just fun and games.  Sure, we travel to exciting destinations and meet with dynamic people in order to gain a better working knowledge and understanding of the many facets connected to the agriculture industry in Virginia.  But....there are also.... tests.  (and homework too, for that matter)  Not just easy little true/false quizzes --… Continue reading Do you EQ?