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“Thank you soooooo much.”

The sixth meeting of the VALOR fellows has just concluded, marking the halfway point of our inaugural fellowship.  The group of fellows numbers ten in total, but as we travel (both literally and figuratively) we number 12.  Megan Seibel, the program director, and Kelsey Brunton, who - prior to her "retirement" - was the graduate… Continue reading “Thank you soooooo much.”


Too Cool for Deja Vu

A year into the program with the inaugural VALOR class and there they are...calm, cool, collected, and utterly brilliant.  A true cohort team. As we approach our sixth of 12 seminars at the end of next week, we will have fully completed the first of two years of whirlwind-like programming. We have traversed the state… Continue reading Too Cool for Deja Vu

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A Trip To The Mailbox

This morning I walked down to the mailbox with my most recent National Agricultural Statistics survey report.  As I walked, I carried with it a certain frustration with this seasonal task.  If you are not prompt in completing this report, daily phone calls or personal visits will follow from the USDA.  It seems that the… Continue reading A Trip To The Mailbox


A Message from the Director

What an honor it is to be serving as the Inaugural Director of the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) Program!  Agriculture today is at an exciting crossroads with regard to the role it plays in social, political and economic issues on local, national and international stages.  With a program like VALOR, we are able to… Continue reading A Message from the Director