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Reflections from the tractor windshield

I am sitting here in my tractor, planting soybeans. Well...not really. All I am doing is monitoring the monitors that monitor the process. The planter is doing the critical task of precisely placing each seed in the ground and covering it with soil.  The tractor is driving itself-and doing a better job of it than… Continue reading Reflections from the tractor windshield

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The amazing Universal #2 meat grinder

For their prior gathering, the VALOR fellows found themselves in Richmond while the General Assembly was in session.  Oft described as sharing many traits with sausage making, the legislative process was in full swing and on display for the fellows to enjoy. But, the legislative process is only half of the story. (OK...yes, you're right... … Continue reading The amazing Universal #2 meat grinder

Education and Awareness

What is your vision statement?

Part of the VALOR program focus is leading the Fellows on a journey of discovery.  Not only discovery of what agriculture is throughout the various areas in Virginia, but also a journey of personal discovery.  What is it that drives you?  Why do you do what you do how you do it?  What does the… Continue reading What is your vision statement?

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Making lemonade when many lemons are suddenly about…

The VALOR fellows found themselves touring the Shenandoah Valley for seminar 3, which somehow seemed eerily familiar to me.  On the afternoon of day 3 we found ourselves (again) in Rockingham County, and you can't talk about agriculture in Rockingham County without talking about poultry, and more specifically, turkeys. First up for the afternoon was… Continue reading Making lemonade when many lemons are suddenly about…

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Do you EQ?

VALOR is not just fun and games.  Sure, we travel to exciting destinations and meet with dynamic people in order to gain a better working knowledge and understanding of the many facets connected to the agriculture industry in Virginia.  But....there are also.... tests.  (and homework too, for that matter)  Not just easy little true/false quizzes --… Continue reading Do you EQ?