Daring Decisions

What more appropriate time than the New Year to reflect upon past experiences and how it can help one grow and develop.  November's seminar took us to Southside Virginia.  One of our tours took us to Briarview Farms which is owned and operated by Mr. Robert Mills.  Mills tends to rejuvenate and inspire others in… Continue reading Daring Decisions

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“Preserving and Promoting”

When I think of Loudoun County Virginia huge mansions, suburbia, and D.C. commuters come to mind. Session IV started off by visiting a place that stuck out like a barn in the city, especially because that's what it was. We started off Seminar IV at the Loudoun Farm and Heritage Museum with a delicious lunch… Continue reading “Preserving and Promoting”


Taking My Own Advice

If the average Joe would look at my background, it may not make sense that I am a High School Career Coach. For those who are familiar with agriculture and what it entails would know that it makes perfect sense. My journey to where I am today is filled with career readiness and leadership opportunities… Continue reading Taking My Own Advice