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Argentina Reflections

It has been two months now since VALOR had the opportunity to engage farmers and leaders during an agricultural trip to Argentina.  The production cycle is in reverse as compared to the United States cropping systems.  The crops that we viewed should be harvested as we in the United States plant new ones.  While there,… Continue reading Argentina Reflections

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Young Calves Populate “El Ranchero”

Day 5 of the international trip was reserved for the VALOR fellows to visit Don Roberto Ranch  This particular ranch is located just west of Villa Mercedes in the Province of San Luis. Don Roberto is one of five ranches in San Luis owned by the Guerrero family.  In all, they manage about 46,500 acres… Continue reading Young Calves Populate “El Ranchero”

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Day 4: VALOR International

"I've Got a Crush on You", "You've got to kiss a few frogs to find a Prince", "I'm nuts over you", and "Virginia's for Lovers". No, this blog isn't about finding love, but it is about a group of people that love agriculture and their tour of operations in Argentina. So here is it Day… Continue reading Day 4: VALOR International

Education and Awareness

National FFA week reloaded.

I admit I am cheating here... I have 3 blog posts floating around in my head right now, but time to pen none of them.  As National FFA week is upon us again, for your convenience I have copied my blog post from this time last year.  The sentiment still holds true, so perhaps this… Continue reading National FFA week reloaded.

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A Candle Problem

What we face in Agriculture might be described as “A Candle Problem”, a seemingly simple conundrum posed to many folks to analyze their problem-solving abilities. However, it may not be that simple a problem. An interesting take on problem solving is presented in the video by Mr. Dan Pink. Think about problem solving as it… Continue reading A Candle Problem

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Coal Country

A trip to Southwest Virginia would have been lacking for VALOR fellows had we not learned about the coal industry in Virginia; and we did just that in Seminar III. VALOR is considered “a premier leadership program for adults in agriculture,” and it’s important to remember when developing well-informed leaders they must gain an appreciation… Continue reading Coal Country

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It’s all about the Soil & Water

This iconic photo from the Dust Bowl era has long represented the struggles of Americans during the Depression/Dust Bowl in America during the 1930’s. The following video shows some stark images resulting from the intense use of the land to meet the demand for food. Hopefully we have learned the lessons of the Thirties and… Continue reading It’s all about the Soil & Water