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Young Calves Populate “El Ranchero”


Day 5 of the international trip was reserved for the VALOR fellows to visit Don Roberto Ranch  This particular ranch is located just west of Villa Mercedes in the Province of San Luis.

Don Roberto is one of five ranches in San Luis owned by the Guerrero family.  In all, they manage about 46,500 acres to support a herd of Hereford beef cattle consisting of roughly 2,000 cows, 1,700 feeder calves and 400 replacement heifers.  Their annual rain fall and soil are similar to the area of western Texas, thus larger amounts of land are required to produce adequate forage and feed crops for the livestock.

While visiting the Ranch we had two people assist in conveying information and questions for us during the day.  Diego Frias, crop and livestock advisor to the Guerrero family and Henry, our personal Argentine expert and translator.  So far on this trip, most of the people we visit will offer comments about high federal taxes, limited infrastructure and poor export policies.  This stop was no different.  Be looking for my follow up on the issues referenced above after I return to Virginia.

We would like the Guerrero family, specifically Eloy and Antonio, to know how much we appreciate them hosting a personal tour for VALOR and also for providing a delicious “Carne Al Asador” style beef rib lunch.  Thank you for being such a gracious host.


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