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Truth In Lobbying

What is your view of lobbying? Or better yet, what is your opinion of a lobbyist?

During our Legislative Advocacy and Policy Development Seminar in Richmond, the VALOR fellows had the opportunity to answer that question.  Martha Moore, Vice President of Governmental Relations for Virginia Farm Bureau and Donna Pugh Johnson, Past-president of Virginia Agribusiness Council were able to share their 38 years of collective experience lobbying for the largest industry in Virginia – Agriculture.

Both Donna and Martha reviewed the process of policy development, communicating issues, and solutions to our legislative body.  We were encouraged to remind others in our community to be involved politically with an agricultural issue or a subject that invokes personal passion.  Specifically, one should build a relationship with his or her elected officials or members of an agricultural committee in the Virginia General Assembly.

While in Richmond, we took the opportunity to connect with our elected officials in both the executive and legislative branches of government.    We plan to continue building our network of relationships during our next seminar located in Washington D.C.

Donna Johnson and Martha Moore, on behalf of our group, thank you once more for sharing your knowledge and passion of lobbying for the greater good of the agricultural industry.

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