Saigon to the Mekong

Day 11 of #VALORVietnam is complete.  The once well oiled travel machine that is VALOR now more resembles the Vietnamese telecom system - a bundled and tatered mess, lacking in consistent access to much of anything (especially energy).  You could say we lost our #SWAG.  Any semblance of winter back home is replaced with air… Continue reading Saigon to the Mekong

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If Christmas can have 12 days, so can Vietnam

My brain keeps telling me to post recaps of Vietnam, while simultaneously screaming at me to close my eyes and go to bed. Who knew that jet lag created multiple personalities? Mark that one down on the books. The purpose of our trip to Vietnam was to specifically look at culture, history, and of course… Continue reading If Christmas can have 12 days, so can Vietnam

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Lessons from Around the World

The last time I posted, post-Florida and pre-Vietnam, I spoke about the gift of perspective while traveling. After  24 straight hours of travel time yesterday, the VALOR fellows walked off a plane (some more awake than others) and into a country and culture vastly different than our normal.       Today began with a trip to the… Continue reading Lessons from Around the World