People: Value, Opportunity & Challenges

Happy 2019! The new year is a great time for reflection so here's my reflection on our second VALOR seminar. The seminar gave me the opportunity for many firsts: exploring the Tidewater area; seeing pork and peanut processing; "driving" a self-driving tractor; and driving over/under/through the Chesapeake Bay on the Bridge-Tunnel. I enjoyed the time… Continue reading People: Value, Opportunity & Challenges

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Soar With Your Strengths, Manage Your Weaknesses

VALOR stands for Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results.  Although our platform is agriculture we will be evaluating leadership in the industry and ourselves.  For Session II we completed the Strengths Finder Assessment.  It is a 100+ questionnaire and out of a bank of 34 options you are given a ranking of your top 5 Strengths.… Continue reading Soar With Your Strengths, Manage Your Weaknesses


When your skin is your sin, it’s all about the skin you are in…

The Suffolk/Eastern Shore Valor trip was eye opening, not in amazement, but in reality of the scope of capitalism, consumerism and class. I’ll probably do several blogs, so this doesn’t turn out to be half the length of War and Peace. ( I didn't do multiple blogs, its long, i'd suggest napping between paragraphs) I’d… Continue reading When your skin is your sin, it’s all about the skin you are in…


Virginia Exporting to the World

In January, I had the honor of representing Virginia in the National Farm Bureau's Discussion Meet where one of the topics was world trade and trade agreements.  This experience and the recent issues with trade deals has brought exporting specifically to my attention.  Many are unaware of the amount of agriculture exporting Virginia does itself… Continue reading Virginia Exporting to the World