Gettin’ Started!

When the opportunity to participate in the 2nd class of VALOR came along I was excited to be considered!  The chance to learn more about the many facets of agriculture, develop my leadership skills, meet new people and experience new places and cultures is intriguing!

Adams Stone

My name is Marilyn Adams.  I am a native of Loudoun County in Northern Virginia where we have transitioned from a dairy and traditional ag community to a bedroom county for Washington DC.   We have been known as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, one of the richest counties and the most highly educated.  I am not familiar with the stats for road rage or traffic accidents that come along with those titles… BUT It is exciting to see the transition to small farms, niche agriculture,  the resurgance in local foods, an interest in where food comes from and to see young people getting into agriculture – just miles from Washington DC.

In our community there are many competing priorities from infrastructure to get people to work and provide adequate education, to figuring out how to get a combine, bicycle, horse trailer and BMW down the same dirt road that serves as a main access for one of our many wineries.  Change is afoot!

I appreciate that Farm Credit supports my interest in learning more through the Valor program http://www.Valor.alce.vt.edu.  To learn more about FArm Credit and how we support Agriculture go to http://www.farmcreditofvirginias.com

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