Dalat – a Cool Breeze after Humid Hoi An




From the plane all you can see is coffee trees, hectares under plastic and a few buildings. On the ground, cool breezes (compared to Hoi An’s more tropical climate), beautiful flowers and farming everywhere! 



 After we settled in to the hotel  we headed to a vegetable farm in a one acre green house. The farmer grows lettuce, passion fruit, herbs, pumpkins, and many varieties of tomatoes. The most rare was the black tomatoe.




 Our guide’s family raises avocadoes, so a quick visit to see them up close was hair raising on the bus ride through the village. All the avocadoes are planted and harvested by hand. They are used for traditional purposes as well as served as tea! 



 The number of acres covered in green houses is hard to impress with a picture, but it is vast. The farmers are growing vegetables, flowers, strawberries and more. We  visited a lily house, where the grower is timing the flowers for the upcoming Chinese New Year. 



We ended the day meeting farmers from the mountains delivering newly picked coffee to a local homeowner. The homeowner dried it on their tiled yard area to prepare it for processing. Of course this sparked our curiosity, so an evening trip to the night market to purchase coffee beans and pepper finished out a beautiful day.



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