A morning tour of the High Tech Agricultural Park showed us similarities between our Ag research facilities and those here near Saigon. The facility is growing orchids, testing different soils or growing mediums. They sell the flowers to hotels and restaurants, as do the local farmers.  






In addition to raising the orchids for ornamental reasons, they are involved in tissue culture to not only replicate the beautiful orchid, but raise plants for medicinal purposes.





The facility also houses 14 Ag businesses.  We toured a mushroom grower’s operation.  They shared their practices from beginning to end, even allowing us to try some of the finished product in a jerky style, which can be eaten alone or incorporated in mtiple traditional dishes.





After lunch we toured the Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnels cover  many miles and were built starting in 1948 during the French War.  They were also used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war.  It was difficult to fathom the intricacy of the tunnels, the conditions that soldiers  on both sides encountered and the struggles that endured at that time.  This experience has sparked a desire in me to better understand  the history of Vietnam and the relationship with the United States before, during and after the war. 


This day ended on a solemn note with many things to contemplate.  I feel very blessed with my life. And the opportunities I have been given to learn and see through multiple lenses.

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