Change: Bad to Good, Good to Good

VALOR is an enabling experience!  The hands-on experiences of oystering and crabbing in the Northern Neck was fabulous.  Although I live in the Northern Neck, it was my first time being out in the Chesapeake Bay.  The recent Southside Sessions exposed me to the wonderful opportunities in timber harvesting (don’t believe me, ask Carl Parsons!).

One aspect of VALOR that is starting to cement is the notion of critical conversations.  As we grow-up we are told to “mind your own business or just handle your own issues.”  Yes, there is a strategic time to listen and personally focus.  However, when it comes to leadership teams the soft avoidance of engagement over things such as death, health, performance feedback, or the “critical conversations” can contribute to a less than prosperous work atmosphere.

You know what I am starting to realize?  We think the word ‘critical’ implies something negative.  However, as I reflect, I have many opportunities that are emerging and I’m having to apply ‘critical’ towards these positive opportunities.  Ultimately, we are talking about change–from bad to good or good to good.  So, the next time you have to engage in a tough talk think about how you also handled communication of great news and it might provide ideas in how to have the challenging conversations.

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