Agriculture is a System

We visited Endless Summer Harvest and as I listened to Loudon County, VA Extension Agent, Mr. Hilleary, he made me create one definition of agriculture:

Agriculture is not necessarily a place or product.  For example, “This is a field, therefore      it is agriculture….or this is a machine and it is agriculture.”  Agriculture is moreso a
system that happens at a place or through a product.

This definition applied to many of our current and past session visits:

  1. Smithfield–the extremely organized processing system
  2. Cherrystone–the methodical processing system of aquaculture
  3. Up Top Acres (current session)–the gardening system literally located at the top of several high-rise roofs
  4. Arcadia (current session)–the integrated systems of Sustainable Agriculture, Healthy Food, and Veterans
  5. DC Central Kitchen (current session)–its multi-integrated job training, food processing, and distribution system

Here is my most sincere warning: Ensure the controllable “system” does not become the priority over the unknowns of human development (See “The Fundraisers” post).

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