The Fundraisers

So, we were headed to DC Central Kitchen.  As to be expected, people had gravitated to the basic human need of food as we walked to the entrances.  “Hi,” “What are ya’ll looking for,” “They’re having chicken tonight…” were some of the warm greetings expressed by the fundraisers.  What fundraisers?…those people hanging out front who should be working.

They were working.  They were being excellent ambassadors for DC Central Kitchen.  You see, if I am going to donate resources, then you better treat me right!  Still not convinced, then think about the butler who facilitated our entrance around back.

The fundraisers did not view us with a silence of curiosity they verbalized and took actions to build donor relations with us as demonstrated by their greetings and physically guiding actions to enter the building.  The fundraisers seemed to have figured-out how to appropriately develop us into their system for a positive encounter at DC Central Kitchen.

Agriculture was not the location, building, place, or food products: it was the fundraisers, who are people.


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