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The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Yes, it is true–when you decide to make your passion your “job” you don’t work another day in life!  There are great rewards to entrepreneurship: in control of your time, meeting influential people, traveling to different places, being given a platform to share your talents.  It does seem that entrepreneurs “don’t work…have it easy…happy-go-lucky.”  This is an example of what you don’t see:

I have been and will be traveling four out of the five past/upcoming weeks.  Orlando, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Suffolk, VA, and Roanoke, VA…oh, and already next March 2017 Kansas City, Missouri!  Now, how do you make all of this happen and deliver exceptional client services?

For example, take this experience as a glimpse into the entrepreneur’s journey: Given all the expenses associated with such a travel itinerary, the budget must be monitored. So, I slept in the airport for two nights, bathed in the bathroom, used public light rail, walked maybe 1-2 miles in an unknown area at night, cat-napped at the location between sessions, carried luggage around….I’m sure you get the point!

For now, I will leave you with this advice: if you decide to start your own business be prepared to endure the journey of what it takes to simply deliver exceptional service or a product! Put it this way: when you go to a car race event, do you like the pit (behind the scenes preparation, etc.) , starting line, or finish line?  If you are the entrepreneur, then you might want to work on your pit skills!!!

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