Class III

Its Just Beginning….


Wow, I can’t believe that I made it.  I am officially a member of Class III in the VALOR Program and I am honored.

I first became aware of the program about a year and a half ago when I met a couple of members of Class II at the Governor’s Ag Trade Conference. They spoke so highly of the program and I crossed my fingers that one day I would be able to participate.

As our first seminar came to a close, I was still so excited but also a bit apprehensive.  This is such a unique and special opportunity and I hope that I am am able to do it justice.

I look forward to our next seminar and becoming a better informed agvocate for my local community and for agriculture in general.  These are remarkable times in the world that will in turn offer each of us individually and as a group extraordinary and interesting opportunies to learn.

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