Quick Intro to Me

Just a quick introduction to me – Chris.

First, I’m very excited to be a part of the VALOR program.  All my research on the program has lead me to the conclusion that it is an outstanding leadership program.  That along with the networking opportunities lead me to apply.  I have to say that the first meeting was great…great people and great leadership.

I’m currently an Extension Specialist at Virginia State University.  I work closely with extension agents, farmers and other agriculture professionals around the Commonwealth…mostly on the production of greenhouse and specialty crops.  I’ve been at VSU for 17 years but prior to that I owned and operated various greenhouse enterprises.  So, I’ve been lucky to experience the commercial side of business as well as the research/theoretical part.  I’ve been fortunate to host a Virginia Farm Bureau gardening segment on TV for the last few years called “From the Ground Up“.

At home, I’ve got a wonderful wife and two great boys.  Theme over the last couple of years…baseball and travel.


So for now, that’s it.  Blogging more in the future about our VALOR adventures around Virginia and the World.

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