Commitment to Excellence

The question was asked at Madison Wood during our last seminar in Central Virginia along the Rt. 29 corridor — “Who are your major customers?

The answer demonstrated perseverance, common sense, and most of all – a commitment to excellence as they quickly replied “All of our customers are major!

Madison Wood 2

What a reviving answer.

Fortunately, this is a (mostly) unspoken theme that has come through again and again as the VALOR Class II fellows have traveled around Virginia in the past two years. It’s been demonstrated through transparent conversations, evident employee benefits that go above and beyond, outreach into communities, and a commitment to quality products – just to name a few.

In a domestic and international economy that is increasingly compartmentalized, focused on self-serving, and partial to whims, it was refreshing to hear a spoken claim to excellence.

I’ve had the privilege to work with multiple events and groups of people that do not have direct access to agriculture, and the one common comment after they interact with people in agriculture is in regards to their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their life.


Whatever aspect of agriculture – whether it’s wine grapes, cotton, equipment, timber, seafood, or yes, even government employees specific to agriculture – most if not all approach life with a distinct outlook and enthusiasm. Every person they interact with in their specific production chain is important, valued, and given their best – whether they interact directly with customers/consumers or not.

Every customer (literal and figurative) is major. That’s their mindset.

And it’s a good one.


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