Conflict Management

The last VALOR trip took us from Culpeper to Charlottesville. We saw everything from vineyards and orchards to beef cattle and lumber. Each operation was uniquely different and had a distinct vision.


My favorite part of the seminar, other than the Moo Thru ice cream, was learning about our personal conflict management styles. Before the seminar we each took an assessment that ranked us in the five different conflict handling modes: accommodating, avoiding, compromising, competing, and collaborating. Each are ranked on a scale of assertive to unassertive and cooperative to uncooperative.


There is no ideal mode. They actually compliment each other. It’s helpful to identify your unique style so you can better understand why you react certain ways. Conflict is everywhere. At work, home, and even in our extracurricular activities.

In a few days the VALOR fellows will join together for our final seminar. This time we will be in Southside Virginia and discussing board dynamics. Conflict management and boards go hand in hand right?!?

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