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A twinkle in their eye

Our time on the road during our U.S. agriculture trip was a great time learning about more diverse areas of our industry. I am always excited to meet and learn more from agriculturalists everywhere. It was during this time that it occurred to me a common thread that runs through each and every person we have met during our VALOR experience: Pride. Yes, it began to jump out at each visit we had on our recent trip, and I thought back to all the other farms and agribusinesses we have toured since we began.

Certainly agriculture and forestry are the obvious connections Pride VALORwith everything we do in VALOR, but it’s exciting to see the pride in each of these folk’s eyes I see. It’s no wonder why our great staff work hard to get us the opportunity to visit these operations, whether it’s the owner or longtime employee taking charge of our time with them. Each express in their enthusiasm and look the pride they have in the product they produce or service they provide. They get it— they get why what they do is important and why it’s imperative that we, in the industry, be good advocates for our industry.

I look forward to our next experience during seminar eight in Southwest Virginia.

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