BioTownAG – A different Kind of Farm

While traveling the Midwest during the National component of our VALOR experience I was in awe of the vast expanse of agriculture. Traveling for miles on end and everything in sight was farmland, truly making one feel smaller in their own operation and an appreciation for the greater industry of agriculture.

I was especially taken back by our Visit to BioTownAg and our tour with its president Brian Furrer. BioTownAg is not only a multigenerational family farming operation with row-crops, cattle, and pork production not unlike many other farms in the state of Indiana. But what makes BioTownAg different is its 21st century approach to farming. The farm utilizes the manure from their livestock facilities to feed a 7.2million gallon anaerobic digester which powers 5 generators that create enough electricity to power 1800 homes. In addition to generating electricity, the digester’s end byproduct is a great fertilizer for their cropland. Now with increased capacity of their expanded digester they can take in waste byproducts from other Midwest companies reducing material from entering landfills.

Also during our tour of BioTownAg, we were able to see some large wind farms generating and standing next to one towering over 250ft tall was amazing. The topics of green energy can be a continuous one, but it seams as though it is working in some areas of the country, but then again that depends on who you ask.


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