A Time Keepers Nightmare

As I sit in my office (folding table in my living room), kids running around, and I am frantically completing my assignments for my next VALOR session that starts tomorrow.  Excited as the anticipation of what new experiences, people, and places we will see. What exercises does Megan and Kelsey have planned to challenge our minds, ideas, and preformed opinions?  I remember that as we closed the last session we discussed the possibility of the fellow reconnecting as is would be 2 months until our next session.  It seems as if it has only been 2 weeks.  It appears as though winter came to an abrupt stop, and spring sprang upon us to place farmers into overdrive.  Everything needed done at once, despite the extensive planning performed overwinter.  Oh, how am I reminded that we are at the mercy of mother nature for better or for worse.    Between keeping 2 off farm jobs, managing the farm, and keeping the family a priority, people always ask how do you do it, is VALOR worth all the time away.  To that I say YES!!  I have the farm, family, and jobs well integrated with family always being the priority. Preparing to leave them for almost a week at a time is stressful, but well worth it.  VALOR has been one of the best things I have done in my life (behind choosing my bride, having the 2 best kids, and reviving the family farm)short list.  Just as we approach our 6th session the development that has taken place on a personal and professional level are evident to both myself but also others.  My wife continues to marvel at how I have developed and sometimes wonders “who are you and what have you done with my husband”.  Well, now back to work. (I always tell my wife if you think I work  a lot, at least I don’t have to get up a 2AM and milk the cows)


1 thought on “A Time Keepers Nightmare”

  1. If I would have read your post before I wrote mine I could have saved time and just said “yeah! What he said.” for mine. Though I tell my wife “at least I am able to get *some* sleep every day”

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