In Support of Agriculture

Looking back at our time spent in Richmond last session, numerous thought come to mind but what stands out is our time with Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell.  We had the honor to spend time with the Governor, his Chief of Staff Martin Kent, the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore, and the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Travis Hill.  We discussed the importance of agriculture in Virginia, effective policy development, implementation, and promotion of Va agriculture in the world markets. 

Its obvious from talking with the Gov. and his staff that agriculture in Virginia has been at the top of their priority.  As actions speak louder than words, and the work that goes on not in the public eye really highlights the importance that this Administration has placed on VA ag.  As Virginia just released its record level of ag. exports at 2.6 Billion in 2012 which beats 2011’s record, and the establishment of a agriculture trade office in China making Virginia Only Second State to Have Dedicated Agricultural Trade Representative in China.  The hard work continues to pay off and hope that the emphasis placed in Virginia’s most important industry continues with this administration and beyond.

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