Peaches, Broccoli, Happy Cows, Robots, and a Bus Driver Named Crash

Our national trip started with a long drive down southwest Virginia, across North Carolina, and into South Carolina. Before embarking on this seminar, if someone had told me that South Carolina produces more peaches than the state of Georgia I would have begged to disagree. Then again what do I know about peaches? As it turns out, Titan Farms in Ridge Springs, SC produces more peaches than the entire state of Georgia. We got a grand tour of the operations including the farm and even left with some delicious peaches which came in handy during our drive across Georgia. But peaches aren’t the only thing Titan Farms produces. They also grow bell peppers and Broccoli which I saw for the first time in a field.

California cows may be happy but the cows at Happy Cow creamery may have something to say about that. The Tranthan’s family 12-Aprils dairy planting and grazing guide help ensure that their cows have access to the lush April grass all year long. In other words, caviar for cows year-round. The trick is to plant and feed different grasses to the cows as the chart below suggests. Like in many states, the dairy numbers are declining but the 12-Aprils approach seems to be paying good dividends for the Tranthan’s family. If the 12-Aprils approach is working for Happy Cow Creamery, a modernize dairy operation complete with robots is the direction Hilcrest Farm, Inc. is headed. Once operational, the robots will take over the milking operation.

Our driver Crash came out of retirement and did a great job getting us from place to place. I am grateful he did not live up to his moniker.

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