Port of Savannah

For our second seminar, we had the opportunity to visit the Port Authority at Norfolk!  Being able to compare Norfolk to Savannah was extremely helpful to me to gain perspective on our recent seminar.  Both visits truly helped me to understand how global we truly are and the size scale of things.

At the Port, we met with Lee Beckmann who is with Government Affairs. He shared with us that Georgia Port Authority (GPA) is one of the state’s largest public employers, the GPA directly employs almost 1,100 trained logistics professionals. The GPA, however, is responsible for generating far more employment throughout the state and accounts for more than 369,000 jobs statewide.

The Port of Savannah is the second largest in the Eastern U.S. and is the largest container port in size.  Despite its size, it is the second busiest container port in the U.S.  It covers over 1,200 acres.  They have been expanding and growing steady over the years. The Port of Savannah has been very smart and been appealing themselves to companies.  They have available land surrounding the area and are not land locked like New York.  They are using this to their advantage getting companies warehouse space near the port.  They are also well place for agriculture trading and sending out about 40% of U.S. containerized poultry.  They have grown and developed systems for freezer and refrigerating containers and have truly worked to be a better container shipping port for about anything!

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