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Leaving Procrastination Station

My last post I gave a Top Ten list of things learned/gained from Seminar II.  The number one being: “…blogging needs to be done asap.” Here I am less than week out from Seminar IV and I’m just now posting about Seminar III.

Really there’s no good excuse for procrastination.  In high school I had managed to convince myself that if I ever procrastinated on anything that I would fail miserably at life which would result in me living under a table on the side of the road.  Somehow that mind-set did not follow me to adulthood.  But I do realize now that the fear of failing that motivated me as a teen, now hinders me as an adult.  Procrastination is me avoiding failure or embarrassment.  Hence why I over analyze my blog posts for months, and struggle to participate in politics and ag-vocating – all a part of Seminar III.

Stefanie’s post about the importance of understanding the legislative process really struck a chord.  A lot of folks, myself included, avoid politics because they don’t understand its ins and outs.  I also find that speaking with legislators and their aids nerve-wracking because the feeling of needing to be all knowing on whatever we’re talking about.  Our time in Richmond, showed me that these folks are humans like us.  They are passionate about improving their communities and Commonwealth, just like our goal for VALOR.

Ag-vocating was a skill that I felt I had a better handle on.


Our media training showed me that although entertaining to me, videos of cattle with voiceover is not effective ag-vocating.  I was embarrassed at my attempt of my “Message House,” but at-least I now know how to improve.

Back in November the Wythe County Technical Center marquee said “The best way to get ahead is to get started.”  Hopefully this quote will guide me through VALOR and everyday life.  Yes, I’ll likely keep embarrassing myself, but I’ll never learn anything if I’m not proactive with the opportunities available.  And that’s what VALOR is really all about.

Running across this bulletin board at Fort Chiswell High School helped to inspire this post after Seminar III

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