Harvesting Goodness

Screenshot_20170811-162759Jason Von Kundra shows off the Harvest Table farm’s onions and sunflowers.             Photo credit: Lindsay Smith

Recently, the Class III Fellows visited southwest Virginia and thankfully for us, the Harvest Table Restaurant is conveniently located in this part of the world that I like to call “God’s country.” The Harvest Table Restaurant believes in sourcing its restaurant from local farmers. In that spirit, it operates its own farm committed to sustainable and environmentally minded farming practices. The farm practices agroecology, permaculture, intensive agriculture, and sustainability. The farm also strives to produce crops organically, resorting to Organic Materials Review Institute approved products when necessary.

The farm produces about half of the restaurant’s needs, including eggs, beef, lamb, and vegetables and herbs of all kinds. The Harvest Table also sells its produce at local farmers markets. While the farm produces much of the restaurant’s needs, the restaurant is so committed to local sourcing and its community that it believes it must continue to support local farmers through buying product from the region’s farmers. The farm has no intentions of expanding to meet more of the restaurant’s needs because the Harvest Table is committed to supporting other local farmers. Farm Manager, Jason Von Kundra was kind enough to show us around the farm while sharing their farming philosophy and practices. The farm is another great reminder that there is room enough for us all in agriculture. There is certainly more than one way to produce quality food and the Harvest Table is doing their way exceptionally well.

The Harvest Table happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in the region and if you take one visit there, I think you’ll understand why. Hang on to your spoon and save room for dessert! We extend great thanks to Jason for hosting us and showing us what intensive, sustainable, organically-minded, small scale agriculture looks like.

Screenshot_20170811-162617 (1)VALOR Fellows enjoying dinner and fellowship at the Harvest Table Restaurant.        Photo credit: Lindsay Smith

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