Walk with Purpose.

Wednesday we met with Andrew Smith of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.  He is the Senior Assistant Director for VAFB Governmental Relations.  VAFB is a grassroots organization.  Is essence, Andrew is part of a team that puts into action ideas that VAFB producer members have developed.

“Virginia Farm Bureau Federation successfully represents farmers in Richmond and in Washington. We actively engage farmers in developing positions on issues, contacting legislators to convey these viewpoints, and connecting farmers with candidates who can best represent those positions on issues”

As a lobbyist Andrew knows that it is the members who determine the direction his action will take each session.  He and the whole governmental relations team needs help.  They need OUR participation. That’s what makes up the grass roots of the whole thing.  Wednesday Andrew gave VALOR III some tips on how we can help.  We CAN successfully get the message across to legislators and policy makers.

Be practical.  Be a good opponent.  Be informed.  Never Break a promise.  Don’t change horses in the middle of the stream.  Learn to evaluate and weigh issues.  Don’t underestimate Legislators.  Be understanding. Be friendly.  Be reasonable.  Be realistic.  Be sure of what you ask for, you might just get it!

Finally I add this piece of my own advice: You belong here.  Walk with purpose.


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