You Own The Story

I remember my first performance evaluation.  Yeah, we always think we are doing fine until someone presents otherwise, lol!  In our earlier session with Norm and Sherri during our video interview mock-up, the best evidence was in front of us–ourselves.

The feedback they offered was interesting, relevant, and accurate.  It made me think of the question: How do you inform someone that they should improve?  Here are some observations of how Norm and Sherri did it:

  1. The atmosphere or room was functional (dim/bright lighting, large window for outside view, circular table, immediately able to provide feedback, etc.).
  2. Documented, real-time, observable evidence as we were recorded!
  3. They worked as a team and sat opposite of each other (Note: the next time you give a presentation try to “stack” the room beforehand.  For example, have the more engaging or open personalities to sit farther away from you and as they participate other less open personalities will feel included and may be encouraged to open up.)
  4. We were fed first!
  5. We had to move around (walk, stand, etc.)

Yes, you own your story and it is said that writing does not end, but the writer just chooses to stop. Who will you allow to read your story and offer continuous improvements?

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