Quail Cove Farms

On our trip to the Eastern Shore, we learned not only about the diverse production agriculture on the shore, but we also had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Bill Jardine and his son, Brian, of Quail Cove Farms.

Both of these gentleman shared about their unique challenges with soil, weed and pest management in producing quality organic produce. Additionally, they shared their continuous learning curve that comes with organic farming. It was very encouraging to meet farmers so passionate about their farm and production methods!


Quail Cove Farms offers a variety of organic products; however, they are known for their variety of organically raised sweet potatoes. We enjoyed learning about the different types of sweet potatoes and we also learned that they are the exclusive producers of the organic sweet potatoes that are used by Rt. 11 Potato Chips in the Shenandoah Valley.

Thank you Bill and Brian for your time, dedication and passion for agriculture!




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