AMADAS Industries and Coach


(pictures from Amadas Website)

Two weeks ago, on our VALOR III seminar, we had the privilege of meeting Mr. John Wagner from Amadas Industries to give us a tour of the Amadas Production plant as well as the Amadas Coach line. Mr. Wagner shared with us the history and vision of the company and how they have developed the world’s largest and highest capacity self-propelled peanut combine!

We started our day watching a short video that addressed the production process and an aerial video highlighting AMADAS machines in action. From there, we went to the production plant to observe some of their cutting edge technology in use and watching the peanut combines come to life as they made their way down the assembly lines.


(Picture from Amadas website)

After leaving the Industries sector, we were able to tour the Amadas Coach Production line. It was very eye opening to see the “bare” coach lines assembled piece by piece to each customers wants and needs and the detail that every employee puts into each aspect of the coach!

Thanks Amadas Industries and Coach for a very interesting and diverse tour of your facilities!


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