Will Hatcher


Hello. I am Will Hatcher and I’m a Fellow of Valor Class III.  I am husband to my awesome wife Josanna. I am dad to adult step-daughter Eimile who is living in NYC. I am dad to Tristan who is almost 5 and his little sister Olivia  who is 2 1/2. Tristan is fond of knock-knock jokes and Olivia is battling a brain tumor.   If there is one thing you can take home knowing about me after reading this blog then it is this:  My wife and kids are the center of my life. 

I am currently a Quality Assurance Manager at the Grade A milk pasteurization plant of the Agribusiness Division of the Virginia Department of Corrections.

I have written and rewritten this blog about a dozen times. You should feel lucky, one version had 11 paragraphs.  I suppose therein lies an objective of mine, to become a better public writer.

Goals.  What do I want?  What do I ever want?  MO MONEY!  No.  Just kidding.  I’ve tried a few different things in my career path.  I know that in personal development results are equal to effort,  we cannot compete with each other and we cannot hope to learn and achieve everything we envisioned.  But we must give our best, as often as possible. And we probably shouldn’t start sentences with ‘But (or ‘And’ probably.’) Really, I’d love to quote somebody famous right about now but nothing good comes to mind. In my reflections I think I tend to grow where I am planted. I do my best.  I am now happily planted with VALOR.  I am ready GROW.


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