Class III, Creative Problem Solving, Knowledge of a Changing Industry

The Guy Called Kevin

Hello!  First, let me explain my name….my real name is Frank Albert Johnson, Jr., from Warsaw, VA, located on Virginia’s Northern Neck Peninsula.

During the first VALOR session on September 30, 2016, we all were trying to recite names of the newly met class members.  Well, I was called “Kevin”!  So, I figured as an on-going moment of humor and a way to solidify the memory of my real name, “Frank” I simply thought I would use “Kevin” as a pseudonym for my blog posts!  So, now in our blogspace I introduce you to theguycalledkevin.


The role that I play in agriculture is to be a voice and offer professional expertise in strategic planning.  In other words, I can help to talk about the future of agriculture in its numerous integrated ways: social, political, economic.  Agriculture has changed…well, we knew that…but what does it mean to regions whose economic well-being depend on agriculture?  Ladies and gentlemen, we must embrace change and go create an agricultural future.

VALOR Impact:

I see VALOR having the greatest impact in creating agriculture futurists, not to be confused with commodities and futures, but people who impact the agriculture industry through innovation and job creation–entrepreneurs!  Perhaps the best place for VALOR is in our elementary schools to start early in creating the kind of agriculture future that we desire.  I am talking about starting with our most precious resource: human potential from our childhood.


VALOR will provide the space for me to think more about agriculture futurism and perhaps have a role in participating in such a space.  My main perspective while participating in VALOR will be to more clearly communicate the strategic planning process that it would take to shift people to agriculture futurism.

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