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15 Hours is really not that long..

…but it will probably seem like it is whilst sitting in an aeroplane.

In a little over 2 weeks the VALOR fellows of Class 2 will find themselves together once again, en route to Vietnam for a look at their way of life, and how it is affected by both local and global ag policy and practices. International travel is an important part of the VALOR program, and I applaud the group for choosing a place to visit that, frankly, is not one that immediately springs to mind when pondering international travel destinations.

The experiences and insights gained during this leg of the Fellowship will prove valuable in their efforts to become more effective leaders in agriculture. But also, while the group has been together as a class for nearly 17 months already, the shared experience of this next seminar will do much to strengthen the bonds between the Fellows as they come closer to becoming “Class 2” and not just “members of” Class 2. (Or “second class Fellows” as I am fond of saying…)

Good luck and safe travels.

And, really….15 hours really isn’t that long when making memories that last a lifetime…

Beancrusher is the alumni blogger in residence, which is…incongruous at best.¬† Even he is surprised by his penchant for cheesy cliche…

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