Dr. Straylove, or How I Came To Love The Ag Sub-Committee


Starring Kathleen Quinlan and Timothy Busfield, this in-depth disquisition on the mental state of urbanized feral cats provides the viewer with answers to our most fundamental question, “Are you willing to sacrifice your children to the roving clowder that lives near you?”

As obscure as this may seem, or as simple as a Ruger pest management system may be, stray animal collection falls under the purview of the Agricultural Sub-Committee. So does noxious weed designations and industrial hemp production. The state regulations that govern food production, employment, and animal management are buried by reams of bureaucratic distractions, which are no doubt of paramount importance to other members of our communities. How can the issues concerning our industry’s treatment and welfare get the consideration it is due when the people creating our laws are busy with new boating license regulations.

I went to Richmond with a very negative perspective of the process with which we are governed. I was prepared to judge the process and the participants harshly. I was surprised. There is a sense of controlled chaos on the floor of the House of Representatives while in their appointed sub-committees all issues get the time needed and the representation deserved. Not only does work get done, but everyone can get their “day in court.” Advocates for both side of every issue were given equal opportunities to contribute to the process and present their case. For a process that seems so erudite, so distant and formal, it truly can be a collaborative process and open to all people.

In fact, just sitting in the room witnessing the process inspired me to try and contribute.


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