A Call to Vote

Lest you think I’m nearly a year and a half early, I’m not talking about those polls. But while you’re in the ballots mindset, let me tell you about another opportunity to cast a vote.

The director of the VALOR program, Dr. Megan Seibel, was recently selected from over 1,400 applications as the Southeast regional winner and finalist for U.S. Farm Mom of the Year!  The competition, sponsored by America’s Farmers, asked the question “Do you know a farm mom who amazes you every day with her contributions to her family, farm, community and agriculture?”

As VALOR participants, we certainly know her passion for the agriculture industry and agriculture leadership. We also see into her personal life as a wife, mom, and farmer. Altogether, Megan is dynamic woman who is well-deserving of this award as Americas Farmers Farm Mom of the Year for 2015.

Got a minute? Check out the regional winners and cast your vote HERE for the next Farm Mom of the Year! Polls are open until May 5th – and unlike any other national elections, you can vote once a day!

As for the VALOR fellows? We may be a bit biased, but we vote Team Seibel!


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