Dia Cinco. Today we visited the Don Roberto Ranch owned by the Guererro family. It is a diversified operation located in and near Villa Mercedes city in San Luis Province. It was a great experience sharing information and experiences with them.

While at a mid-morning stop for refreshments we noticed a small calf in the yard. A curiosity for sure.

Our discussions later revealed that when weather is less than good and crops are short there is always the cattle.

After a wonderful lunch , we met Paco the Hereford calf we had seen earlier. I am not sure of the circumstances but it appears that for at least a while Paco will be a fixture at Don Roberto Ranch.

The cattle business is the backbone of the operation, providing stability in uncertain times. It is another example of how dedicated these families are to their operation and to each other. I think that for a while Paco will be symbolic of that dedication, hard work and tradition at this family ranch


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