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A Leap Ahead… Ribbet

Day 4 for us would have been a fine day for Jim Smiley. We visited Aceitera General Deheza’s (AGD) Frog Farm. It was a very unique operation where they raise frogs from eggs and grow them to maturity to sell to select restaurants in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario. They produce and sell approximately 6000 frogs per month.

The staff there works diligently to manage the production of eggs and tend them through the process till frogs weighing about one-half pound or so are ready for sale.

However, maybe the most interesting aspect was learning that the frog farm continues to operate regardless of profit. One might wonder why a successful company would operate a frog farm in this manner. The answer is simple, it was a favorite of the founder of their company and it was he who initiated the production of frogs. Therefore (AGD) continues to honor that tradition. It is another example of how Argentina is steeped in tradition and culture.

Simon Wheeler might have said, ” It weren’t nes’sarily bout the money but all bout bein’ the way it just need to be done”.

I’ll bet that ole Jim Smiley would have understood too.

Some sage advice from Mr. Clemens, “Check in often for new and exciting info”


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