Not Just Another Day in Washington



The support VALOR has received in the short time since we really got started has simply been tremendous.  One of our greatest supporters, Farm Credit, has not only offered verbal endorsement and motivation, but has been host to a couple of events and networking opportunities to-date. 

Most recently, Dave Lawrence and Bette Brand of Farm Credit of the Virginias worked to secure the date for the annual Blue Ribbon Tastes reception in Washington DC at a time that overlapped with the VALOR seminar there.  Standing in the House Agriculture Committee room in the Longworth Building, it was not lost on me that we were being showcased in a tremendous way; rubbing elbows and sharing ideas with some of the best in Farm Credit and Washington politics alike.  And, all with a view of the US Capitol dome. 


Obviously, being in DC during a Congressional Session is not part of a usual day for any of the VALOR fellows.  This opportunity was made even more exciting, however, by the fact that both the Senate and House were marking up the Farm Bill the same two days we were in DC.  The vibe in the air around what might happen was apparent.  What language so carefully orchestrated by our industry stakeholders would make it through?  What would the discussion about the dairy industry involving our very own Bob Goodlatte look like?  I was told by several at the event our timing couldn’t have been more perfectly orchestrated.  Between the weather, the location, the hosts, the local food, and the political events transpiring, it was (quite frankly) as perfect as good be…

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