IMG_1784Quotes that I heard while participating in the seminars that inspired me to reflect…ponder… and just made me smile.

“If a one takes care of the land and the water, the land and the water will take care of them.”

“A leader is someone who takes the time to listen and values others opinions even if they differ from their own.”

“Taking time to listen and to value other’s opinion is so critical to the success of a business or an individual. They may not agree with the change(s) or decision, but at least they know they were heard and their input was noted.”

“The most difficult word or concept to achieve is compromise.”

“It is not where you are but how  you got there.”

“When you are making a decision or making a statement, think, thinks again, then think some more. Because once the decision is made or the statement is said, you have to live with the outcome or the result.”

“You will be respected more for thinking and processing a decision than just reacting to the situation.”

“Agriculture is the key to our future. We must embrace the future by making sure that the next generation is prepared to handle the expectations.”

“Agriculture is not a job, it is a passion.”

Just something for you to think about. Will provide reflection later.

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